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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years 2012 Resolutions...

Below is our family's resolutions for 2012:


-to be more financially conservative.
-eat healthier.
-do good in school.
-buy bigger van to accommodate growing family.


-to get back to basics with food- go back to the organic lifestyle.
-feel better.
-cleaner house.
-deliver #6 in summer.
-begin process to buy house.
-finish my DONA doula certification.
-start photography & doula business.


-do better in school.
-be more organized.
-be more helpful.


-do better at gymnastics.
-hopefully be the best little girl in the world.
-love & care of my family.


-have a party.

Diya's test results are in!

So I got the call Thursday that Diya's big test results are in! I tried to get an appt. to see the Dr. before the end of the year, but there was none available. So we go in Jan 9 to get the results. I keep analyzing things in my head...thinking if everything was normal would they have us come in or just tell me over the phone? I was telling Deep last night that I'm a little worried because what if she does have celiacs...that's a big undertaking to change her whole diet. She was also tested for food allergies. With Kamdyn having a peanut allergy, Deep having an allergy to bananas & tomatoes, and Diya with issues already- eczema & throwing up after eating...I'm way nervous!

Normalizing Breatfeeding

This is amazing! Go here to visit the owner of this cartoon's blog.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Breastfeeding controversy

Sheesh what the heck is going on with our society? So much controversy over a Momma feeding her baby. Folks, BREASTS WERE MADE TO FEED BABIES! God had a purpose when he designed breasts, and it was not to enable a woman to host at Hooters

First a woman gets harassed by Target employees, and now NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne makes an ass out of himself by slamming a women BREASTfeeding her baby in a grocery store. Apparently he said that breastfeeding is nasty. NICE! Target had a huge nurse-in where lots of Momma's went to hundreds of stores across the nation and BREASTFED their babies! GO MOMMAS!!! Now I think that this nut job Kasey Kahne needs to loose a sponsor or 2. Afterall when you are a sponsored person and you make an ass out of yourself....you make an ass out of your sponsors too. GROW UP KASEY KAHNE! Idiot!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Devas's Dr. appt

Devas is sick again. BLAH! Actually, every time he is getting new teeth he seems to get stuffy and an ear infection. He has been fussy for a few days. I took him to the Dr. today. He weighed 24 lbs 5 oz! The dr said that his right ear is infected & he has a sinus infection. The Dr. called in an antibiotic for him.

I asked her about Diya's bloodwork and she said it isn't in yet. She said by next week it should be in. I will update after I hear back from them.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kohen funny

Kohen spoke with Santa's Elf on the phone a few days before Christmas. He told the Elf he would like a peanut butter sandwich from Santa. He also mentioned a choo-choo and a truck.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

OY & an a very random update!

Today I am home with a sick little guy! Kohen was up all night coughing until he threw up. So we are home today while the rest of the family are at church. I am starting to feel a little down also. My throat is hurting, and I feel wiped out!

It is raining here today. It looks so dreary outside.

Kamdyn had a basketball game yesterday. She played for a few minutes...she is the youngest, smallest, and most afraid of the ball *;)* on her team of 4th, 5th, & 6th graders. Kamdyn had a good play...she had a steal & an assist!!! YAY! Our friends (Hoskins Family) came to watch Kam's game yesterday. She was so excited they were there! I have to say I have the very best friends!!! Tuesday she has a scrimmage against another team of 4th & 5th graders. So she will hopefully play a bit more...I'm praying for an injury free game. After all, she is her Mother's Daughter! ;)

I am sure hoping that this yucky illness passes over our house quickly! I am dreading it passing from child to child!

Diya starts gymnastics in a little under 2 weeks! She is excited and can't wait!

Deep is a part of Knights of Columbus. Yesterday they gathered together to take gifts/fruit and sing Christmas carols for a local retirement home. He took Kohen & Max with him. Max handed out a banana & tangerine to the residents. The residents just ADORED Max! They wanted their photos taken with him. =) They all had a great time!

God has definitely blessed our family! I love sharing our blessings!!