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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back again...

So I keep thinking that I need to start writing in this blog about the silly things my kids do each day or possibly the deals I find online. So I've decided to start up again.

Here is my kiddo funny for the day...
A few days ago Max was trying to find something. I told him the exact location, and he kept asking if he could look other places. So we had a little bickering. Suddenly he gets very frusturated with me and storms upstairs toward his room. On his way up he yells at me..."WHY CAN'T YOU JUST TREAT ME LIKE A NORMAL CHILD!" I cracked up laughing. He is a hoot!

This week has been interesting...Kohen was crazy at the Dr. on Monday. Devas was 1 oz shy of being 17 lbs at the Dr. on Monday. Tuesday & this evening Max threw an all out tantrum...including him telling me "I wish I never had you!" and "I don't love you!" HE told me (his mother) these things at 4 years old! Oh how these kiddos grow up fast!

I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday! YAY!