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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Before I go any further Kaityn's name is pronounced KATE-IN. A different spelling would be Katen. We just like to be different and challenging....haha. =)  Kaityn Jenieva-Faith (Jenieva: pronounced Geneva- she's named after her great grandmother) and the kids chose Faith.  Diya told me that they chose Faith because they had FAITH in me that I could make it through the rough pregnancy and they had FAITH in God that He would guide us through.  Bless their heart!  I truly have amazing kids!  them!

Anyway....on with my story....

The kids came to the hospital and met Kaityn.  They all (especially Diya!) just adored her!  Diya got to come and meet Kaity before any of the other kids.  It was special for her! =) My parents, Janice, Ketryna, and the kiddos all came to meet her. It was very nice!

Kaity and I were released to go home on June 29. It was 3 weeks to the day since I had been home! I was sure excited to get home!  Of course the big deal of the day was that Baby Kaity had NO clothes small enough for her to wear home!  Deep went on a hunt for preemie clothing.  He hardly found anything at all!  He went to at least 5 stores and finally at a Carters store they had a small section with preemie clothing.  He bought everything they had for a girl!  So he got her clothes just before we left the hospital!

Kaity was very fussy at home. I have never had a newborn be that fussy...so I wasn't sure what was going on. While we were in the hospital she had a couple of gaggy/choking episodes.  The nurses assured me it was due to "fuzz balls" from the amniotic fluid. When this happened her body stiffened up and she turned red. She wasn't able to get a good breath in.  It scared me terribly.  The nurses checked her each time, and said it was "normal."  So back to her first week home.  She was fussy.  We had a few weight checks. Before we left the hospital she was 4lbs 11 oz.  She dropped down to 4 lbs 5 oz. We had a weight check 2 days late later she had gained 1 oz (this was Thursday) up to 4 lbs 6 oz. 

Kaityn's first week home was a HOT ONE!!! We ended up taking a "stay-cation" to a hotel near here. Our house was 90 degrees inside...way too hot!  So we planned to go stay in this hotel for the weekend...Fri-Sun.

7/7/12: Saturday morning Kaity woke up early. Very early in the morning she started having a seizure/choking/not breathing episode. She had about 5 episodes right in a row.  She would go about 30-45 seconds without catching a breath. Her whole body would stiffen up, eyes would get huge, she turned BRIGHT red all over her body, her lips turned blue, and once she could get a breath she would let out the most terrified/terrifying scream.  It was so incredibly heart breaking to see our baby like this. I woke Deep up because I was so scared. He talked me down....I was completely ready to call 911. Had we of been home I probably would have.  So fast forward a few hours...I noticed Kaity had a "barky" cough.  So I called her pediatrician's after hours phone number. Her pediatrician told us to take the baby to the hospital ER.  At the hotel Deep had taken the kids downstairs to swim.  So I went down and explained to him that we needed to go to the ER. They all got out of the pool, got ready, and we headed home then toward the hospital.  Thankfully we had Janice and Ketryna here still. They stayed with the kids so we could both take Kaity to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital in the evening. It was before dinner time. The triage nurse checked Kaityn's vitals. Immediately we were walked to a trauma room. Her heart rate was dropping very low...like 50s when it should have been well over 100-120. Her O2 was low, and her respiration count was decreased. We got followed into a trauma room with a peds crash cart! The room filled up with people...quickly!  They got my itty bitty baby hooked up to lots of monitors and an IV.  A neonatologist came to check her out.  They did lots of tests.  The decision was made to transport her to Children's Hospital of Michigan AKA Detroit Children's Hospital. She HAD to be transported via PANDA One. (Pediatric and Neonatal Dedicated Ambulance). So we waited on PANDA One to get to Huron Valley to transport her. They arrived between 8 & 8:30. After taking all of her info, getting her loaded and such...we were on the road to transport her at 9 PM. We arrived at CHM at 10 PM.  We were taken into the ER. The first thing I remember is being bombarded by the ER staff. I remember a specific gal asking us..."Do you bed share? Where does she sleep? Was your breast covering her mouth/nose when this happened? Was her face in a pillow or blanket?"etc. The questions seemed to never end, and while I realize they are standard questions to ask of this type of situation...it was VERY overwhelming at that moment.  I was trying to get in my child's ER room to be with her when they unloaded her from the incubator (that's what they transported in for the ambulance ride) as she was screaming, and this woman was blocking me from entering the room.  I started getting quite angry with the woman, and it was visible on my face and in the way I spoke to the lady.  FINALLY I think she sensed my anger and let me get to my child.  Kaity had several tests done...from bloodwork, urine analysis, etc. The Dr. came in and spoke with us and informed us that she needed a spinal tap.  I nearly broke down.  A spinal tap on a 10 day old baby...this was the same procedure that left me nearly lifeless a few months earlier.  I had to leave the room when this procedure was done. I couldn't handle my sweet little baby going through that. =( Deep stayed with her.  He text me when they were done, and I immediately went in to be with my girl. The decision was made to move her to NICU.  We got no real answers as to what was going on in the ER.

I will write our NICU story in the next post....stay tuned for part 3!

***Again written over several days and not yet proof read!***

Monday, September 24, 2012

BIG HUGE UPDATE.....Part 1 (pre-proof read)

***********Please note I've typed this up over a few days...ok it's taken me at least 12 days of working on this.  I have not proof read yet to make sure it all makes sense.  I will get back later to do that!***********

So I really slacked off with my blog in the last week of my pregnancy.  Mentally I was preparing to give birth, and while I thought several times about writing my 36 week pregnancy update...I just couldn't motivate myself to do it.  I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was facing the very last week of my very last pregnancy.  It held (still holds) a weight over me.

June 22 I saw my perinatologist.  She decided that we should induce on Monday. I would be 36 weeks pregnant that day. 

June 24- Sunday evening my OB came in to check me, and I was 1 cm dilated. We turned off my heparin at 8:30 PM.  I had to wait 6 hours before any induction meds could be administered. 

June 25- Early Monday morning at 2:30 I had prostiglandin gel placed in my cervix. Its "job" is to ripen the cervix to help prepare for childbirth.  At around 8 AM pitocin was started.  I was on the pitocin all day.  I contracted but had very little change to my cervix. The baby was not tolerating the contractions well. She was having a lot of late contraction heart decels. So the decision was made to shut down the induction process at around 6 PM.  I was able to eat a bit, and get some rest.  The hospital staff monitored the fetal heart tones for a while to be sure that she was doing well. At 11:30 I had cervadil placed for the night. I got a little bit of rest. Sheli was with us during the long labor. She and Deep slept on the pull out chairs. They each got a little rest.

June 26- Pitocin was started at around 5 AM.  Again I contracted, but I had very little change cervically. At around 1:45 PM my OB came in to chat with me. I was so frustrated at the time that I suggested a cesarean section. He said that we could go that route, but that my chance of mortality increased 3 to 4 times due to being on the blood thinners for so long. I decided that a c-section was not in mine or the baby's best interest. We chatted about other options. I suggested a foley cath. My OB said that was a great recommendation. So the cath was placed at 2:30 PM. It puts pressure above and below your cervix to cause it to dilate. I was a bear to deal with during this labor. My nurses were quite accustomed to me as I had been in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks at this point. I am sure that my behavior surprised them. OY!  My day nurse told me "I have not heard so much swearing in a long time....and I like it!!" HAHA It was an interesting labor to say the least. Anyway...the nurses switched shifts, and shortly after my (one of my favorites!!!) night nurse came in the cath fell out (between 7:30-8PM). My cervix had finally made some progress!!! YAY! I was 3-4 cm.  Again I spoke with my OB, and we decided to proceed with an epidural and then breaking my water. At around 9:30-10 PM I got the epidural. My water was broken just a bit later. The amniotic fluid had meconium in it...it was a concern. We called home, and Kamdyn was brought to the hospital at around 11-11:30. We all relaxed and got some rest. Kamdyn slept on the pull out chair. Sheli & Deep slept sitting up. Sheli was sitting in a chair leaning over the little table laying her head on a pillow. Bless her!

June 27- It was a LONG night!  Again I made little progress through most of the night. I think everyone was getting very frustrated with me...well my body! Finally around 5AM I started slowly progressing. I was 4cm dilated most of the night. At around 5AM I was moving toward 5. Through the night the dr. put in the internal fetal heart monitor and the internal uterine pressure monitor. Everyone woke up and things picked up between 5:30AM-6AM. Shortly before nurse shift change (7AM) I was 6 CM. I was lucky enough to get my one of my other favorite nurses. She came in and things happened very fast from here on out! The pressure monitor came out shortly after she came in...so she replaced it and checked me. I was progressing quickly. I want to say I was 8 CM at the time. I had started to feel a lot of pain a bit earlier. So my nurse had me move around a bit...roll from side to side. She had just turned me on my left side, and I was really yelling out in pain. She told me that in 2 contractions I would need to push. The next contraction came, and I was quite uncomfortable. The next one came, and I started screaming loudly. My nurse asked if I needed to push. I responded no I needed to have a bowel movement. She had me roll to my back and checked me. I was complete!  My OB & additional staff was called in to help with delivery. Just as my OB walked in and was gowning up I asked if I could push. He said go ahead.  I had been very adamant that I didn't want to hold my legs...I hate that!  Thankfully there wasn't time to worry about that. I pushed hard 1 1/2 pushes, and my OB yelled out to stop she was coming out.  He came over and "guided" her out. At 8:02 AM Kaityn Jenieva Faith Thakur came into this world screaming! She was placed on my belly, and let me tell you...she was a teeny tiny perfect little angel! I said..."oh Baby I would go through all of this 10 times over for you!!" Kamdyn was in awe. She stood beside me holding my hand during the last bit of my labor. She was brought to tears! She sobbed for the longest time!  Kamdyn got to cut the umbilical cord. It was so special to her. Kaityn was taken to the warmer to get cleaned up and such. She weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. She was 19 inches long. Her APGARS were 9/9.  The pediatrician checked her over and said she was perfect! She was brought back to me to have skin to skin time. She did a breast crawl and latched on to nurse very shortly after her birth.  It was perfect!  The amazing love that I felt for this perfect little baby was so overcoming!  All that I had endured through her pregnancy...it was all so very worth it!  She was worth it 100 times over!   Aside from the nurses & hospital staff stopping in to see our new little one...Deep & I spent the rest of the day resting and getting to know our precious little blessing!  God sure blessed us!