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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kamdyn- 4th grade, Diya- 2nd grade, & Max- kindergarten

Yesterday we got word that the kids report cards were available on Skyward. We checked them with the kids on the phone, and we were so very pleasantly surprised!!!

Kamdyn struggled for a short bit this year, but she completed the year with all As!!! She did very well in the last 9 weeks! =)

Max did well. He is right where he is supposed to be as far as academics, and he is progressing very well on his Speech IEP.

Diya.....I can't even begin to explain how extremely proud we are of Diya....more that she should be very proud of herself!!! The last half of the year has been very hard for Diya. Since my health has taken a turn for the worst our whole family has been in "survival mode" in a sense. We have not had a lot of extra time or energy to do anything extra. Me being sick has truly taken a HUGE toll on our whole family. A few months ago Diya's teacher emailed us to inform us that Diya had not done/or turned in her homework in over a month nor had she been reading any books. Diya has always been a hesitant reader...so for her to go without reading for a month was detrimental to her education! (Please no judgements as Deep & I already hold ourselves responsible, and we worked through this issue!) It was highly recommended that Diya go to summer school so she could catch up and avoid the summer slide. We made an appt to talk to Diya's teacher & guidance counselor. We explained our family situation to both. We explained that our family is going through a lot right now, and basically we are living in survival mode. We are fighting to keep Mom (me) alive and going. Both Diya's teacher and guidance counselor understood our situation, and both offered lots of advice & offered to step in and help with Diya. The guidance counselor started meeting with Diya so she could talk to her about her feelings with me being so sick and constantly in and out of the hospital. It is important to remember that for the greater part of our kids lives Deep and I have been on our own. We have never had family close by to help out. Deep & I are our childrens' parents and that is how it is. Since I've been sick we've had people in and out of their lives. It is a big change. When we spoke with Diya's teacher she was very worried that with the advancement changes in the reading curriculum that Diya would test below or approaching grade level for reading, and the other grades would not be good either. So with Diya's teacher, guidance counselors, and the little extra effort that Deep, myself, Kamdyn, Janice, Ketryna, and my parents have put in....I am so INCREDIBLY PROUD to share that Diya tested AT grade level for reading, and her math benchmark was 95%!! She finished the year with a BANG! We are soooooooooooo incredibly proud of her, and she should be soooooooooo incredibly proud of herself!!! Diya will be doing a couple of summer reading/writing programs, and hopefully that will keep her on track for 3rd grade!!

So as of last week....we currently have Kamdyn as a 5th grader, Diya as a 3rd grader, Max as a 1st grader, and Kohen as a 2nd year preschooler! Our kids are amazing, and they should all be as proud of themselves as we are proud of them!

Kiddos, Momma & Daddy love you with all of our heart, and we are so very proud to be your parents!! =)

Monday, June 18, 2012

35 weeks!!

How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: -1

Sleep: OK...been taking Ambien so I've been sleeping OK.

Best moment this week: Having my growth scan this morning. Baby is measuring 5 lbs 11 oz! Having my Mom, Dad, Deep, my kids, Janice, and Ketryna come to the hospital and having Father's Day lunch with me. I got to leave L&D and go to the cafeteria for a little bit! Having Deep stay at the hospital with me, and seeing him be so very caring for me. He is the best! =) For our anniversary on Saturday he brought me up dinner from Outback. We had steak, crab cakes, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, bloomin' onion, ahi tuna, and yummy ice cream for dessert. He also brought me calla lillies and a cute little pink teddy bear. I gotta say that I married 1 amazing man! I feel so blessed!

 Movement: Baby gets monitored a couple times a day. She likes to play hide 'n seek with the monitors.

Food cravings: seafood, steak & Caesar salad =(

Gender: GIRL!!! She is for sure a SHE!!! =)

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: feeling good, being at home with my kids, not puking all the time.

What I am looking forward to: holding this baby in my arms! I can't wait to see her perfect little face! =)

Milestones: 35 weeks!!! WOW...WOW! I had an ultrasound growth scan this morning and she weighed 5 lbs 11 oz. She is measuring right on to a little on the bigger side! My heart is filled with so much love for this little girl. I can't wait until she is here!

Updates in general: I am at a therapeutic level of heparin. I get 2 bags of heparin a day via IV. I spoke with Dr. Puter (peri) last Friday, and she said we can induce at 36 weeks...that means in ONE week my baby daughter will be in my arms! YAY! =) I will probably be in the hospital until baby is born. Last night I started having bad back pain and having contrax every 10-12 mins. I got a vag check and I had not dilated at all, but my cervix was soft. So hopefully my body is doing something right!!! =) Kamdyn & Devas had their teeth cleaning last week. Kamdyn is CAVITY FREE!!!! Now she goes this week to get 3 baby teeth pulled so she can get her braces put on! Devas has to have 2 weak spots fixed on his 2 top front teeth. The other 3 kids go for cleanings next month. Diya had to take a few days off of cheer because she has Osgood Sclaggers...not sure on this spelling. She is feeling much better now, and she is back to her regular practice schedule. Max had his last football game this week. He got a cute little trophy. This week Max & Diya are doing a sports camp through our church, and Kamdyn is doing a dramatic arts camp through WLCSD.

34 weeks- a week late

How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 0

Sleep: not the best. I got admitted to the hospital on Friday 6/8/12. I never sleep great when I am in the hospital.

Best moment this week: Feeling baby move, kids getting ready for their last few days of school.

Movement: VERY busy!!

Food cravings: nothing. =(

Gender: GIRL!!! She is for sure a SHE!!! =)

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: being at home with my kids.

What I am looking forward to: delivering this baby & the kids being done with school for the summer! We are planning to bombard them at the bus stop with water balloons again! =)

Milestones: 34 weeks...WOW!! YAY! Baby is growing! Nesting is starting!

Updates in general: I had an appt. with my perinatologist last Friday. She recommended that I come to L&D (stay for 23 hour observation) for hydration and to have a consult with a few specialists. She wanted me to consult on getting an NJ tube. I saw my hematologist who checked my leg that had be super swollen that I had went to the ER for a few weeks back. He said that my left leg looked a little swollen and felt warm so he ordered a doppler of my left leg. At the ER a few weeks back they basically laughed me out of the ER. The Dr. was super nasty to me telling me that my left leg looks fine, and I heard a nurse in the hallway say "well what does she think we can do for her...she's already taking Lovenox!" I felt like a big stupid idiot. So fast forward to the evening I got admitted to L&D for hydration, and I got the HUGE surprise that I have a DVT in my left leg....exactly where I had shown the ER Dr. (who yelled at me for coming to the ER at 2 AM!) So I have been in L&D since 6/8 getting heparin by IV. I have an IV line going into each arm. OY! No determination how long I will be here yet or how the rest of this pregnancy is going to play out. More to come...

Monday, June 4, 2012

33 weeks!

How far along? 33 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: -4

Sleep: AWFUL!  Between itching, BH contrax, and the baby moving I'm not getting much sleep.

Best moment this week: ehh really rough week.  I guess today during my NST...Baby BGC had the hiccups. I got 2 videos of her hiccuping...the sound and how my tum was moving. =)

Movement: She's been a busy bee this week!  She gets the hiccups a lot now too.

 Food cravings: nothing. =(

Gender: GIRL!!! She is for sure a SHE!!! =)

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: feeling good & sleeping well.

What I am looking forward to: delivering this baby!

Milestones: again...33 weeks!  YAY! Baby is growing! Nesting is starting!

Updates in general:Rough week.  I'm going through a very sick,  yucky phase!  I don't want to talk to people. I want to be in bed most of the time.  When I am out of bed I am frustrated at my house because it's messy. =(  I just feel awful! I started the zofran sub-q pump. It's awful. My tum is always sore. We have figured out that the rash on my tummy is an allergic reaction to Lovenox. It has spread to my legs now. So now I am waiting to hear back from the hematologist to see what to do as far as meds are concerned. =/