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Monday, April 23, 2012

27 weeks!!!

How far along? 27 weeks

 Total weight gain/loss: lost close to 30 lbs. I lost another 1/2 a lb

Sleep: ehhh ok...not my best or worst week of sleep.  I got lots of rest being in the hospital.

 Best moment this week: Hearing Baby BCG's heartbeat at the hospital. She was not a big fan of the hospital monitors. She would wiggle and move a lot to get away from them. Getting to come home after a 4 day hospital stay, and celebrate Diya's 8th birthday which was the day after I was released! =)

 Movement: Yep, she would get very active when the monitors were on my tum.

Food cravings: Gas station hot dogs with ketchup & onions & iced coffee

 Gender: GIRL!!! Well at least I hope she is still a she! I feel like the one thing I can control in this pregnancy is buying cutesy little girl clothes, and let me tell you she is VERY well stocked in cutesy little clothes. One thing is for sure...I LOVEEEEEEEE butt ruffles!!! =)

 Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Feeling good. =( Still puking all the time. =( Being able to function without having an IV line/fluids running through my body.

What I am looking forward to: My next fun ultrasound. I need to schedule it soon.

Milestones: being almost to my 3rd trimester!

Updates in general: I spent 4 days in the hospital again this past week. I had a very very early staph infection in my picc line. It got pulled on Wed. night, and cultures were done. It grew staph. My blood cultures did not grow staph...YAY! So I had another picc placed on Saturday.

We tried to put in an offer on a perfect house. Unfortunately there are some hold ups with the short sale requirements for this house...essentially in order to put in an offer we had to sign a paper saying that we would pay an undisclosed amount to a 3rd party upon closing. Our realtor's legal team said NO WAY! This $ is due (cash) at closing, is not able to be financed, and we have no idea the amount (our realtor said could be $5 or $50,000.) UGH! So long story short we are still searching! OY! I hope and pray something comes up for sale in this area soon!!

 Also I had 2 dr appts today. Everything was ok at my ob...nothing big. Then I saw the rheumatoid dr. I wasn't fond of him. Kinda put off actually. I see both again in 2 weeks. I will update more on that later.

Monday, April 16, 2012

26 WEEKS!!!!

How far along? 26 weeks...YAY!!

Total weight gain/loss: lost close to 30 lbs. I've lost about 4 lbs in the past 2 weeks.

Sleep: I'm not sleeping well. I have been waking up VERY sick about 3-3:30 AM.

Best moment this week: Baby BGC has become a very active little girl in the past week! Her movements are much bigger now. They can be felt from the outside!

Movement: LOTS! This little girl love my left side. She stays on my left most of the time. She is definitely starting to move up in my tummy!

Food cravings: Gas station hot dogs with ketchup & onions & Bagger Dave's french fries

Gender: GIRL!!! Well at least I hope she is still a she! I feel like the one thing I can control in this pregnancy is buying cutesy little girl clothes, and let me tell you she is VERY well stocked in cutesy little clothes. One thing is for sure...I LOVEEEEEEEE butt ruffles!!! =)

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Feeling good. =( Still puking all the time. =( Being able to function without having an IV line/fluids running through my body.

What I am looking forward to: My next fun ultrasound. I need to schedule it soon.

Milestones: feeling movement, starting to get a bit of a baby bump now.

Updates in general: I'm doing TPN with lipids 4 days a week now. So far I have gotten VERY sick from it. =( We are still house searching. We haven't found THE ABSOLUTE PERFECT house yet. I keep praying that God will lead us to THE PERFECT HOUSE! Took Devas to the pedi today. He has a "nasty" ear infection and sinus infection. This explains the LONG nights we've had lately. He starts his antibiotic today so hopefully he will be on the mend very soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


This house hunt is officially making me C*R*A*Z*Y!!!

We have the mortgage stuff all ready to go...we just need to find THE house!

First we had realtor issues. I fired our first realtor. Our new realtor is much better. =)

Then we wanted to see 3 houses in our immediate area, but the houses were already contingent (meaning seller already accepted an offer.) We spoke with our realtor, and they told us that this area is booming. Also it is a sellers market here. There is no negotiating at all. She had a client offer 290 on a house listed at 295. They had 12 other offers for the full amount.

We decided to expand our search area. We found a very nice house that we LOVE! 2 big issues with it...it's a short sale and it's further away from all of our activities, church, etc.

Yesterday we saw a very nice house that's a foreclosure. It was nice, but just not as nice as the first one. However, it was closer and foreclosures are not supposed to be as hard to work with.

We feel pressured to make a decision because the houses are selling so fast. The houses in the home sub that we would love to live in sold in 3-5 days. So on one hand I hate to wait knowing we LOVE the house, but I'd love to stay open/available so if a house comes up in this area we can put an offer in right away.

So now we are in this decision making limbo area. I'm truly stumped! OY!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

*life update *

I know it has been a while since I've updated. I think about every day that I need to write in my blog, but usually I have so much depressing stuff going on that I get sad just thinking about it. I will update on everyone....

So here we gooooooooooooooo (in the words of Toy Story)....

I spent 4 days in the hospital due to strep throat. Here's how that week went...Tuesday late night I noticed my throat was itchy and hurt a bit. By 1:30 AM Wed I was running a fever of 101. I took some meds and went back to bed. At 6 I woke up with a 103 fever. Deep made me a Dr. appt for 4 PM. I went to my Dr. appt and he sent me straight to the ER. I got admitted to L&D for 4 days. They had to speculate that my PIC line was infected due to the high fevers. It was a rough hospital stay. Thursday I was in so much pain they did a spinal tap. My head started hurting RIGHT after they did this procedure. Thankfully my lab results from the spinal tap were negative. However the spinal headache was enough to nearly push me over the edge. My strep culture results came in on Friday. I had strep throat. Antibiotics were started and by Saturday I fell well enough to go home. Tuesday I had an OB appt. I gained 3 lbs! My head was hurting so badly that my OB scheduled a 2nd spinal tap to do a blood patch. I went that afternoon for the blood patch. They do a spinal tap and then put your blood in to patch the potential leak of CSF. I had the spinal placed, and then they had to draw 20 ml of blood. They stuck me 3-4 times and got nothing. The Dr. came around to help. They got a vein in my hand and to get enough blood they wrapped their hands around my arm and "pushed" the blood down toward my hand. They got 18 ml of blood. The Dr. put it in my back, and they laid me down quickly. They kept asking if my head felt better. Honestly I couldn't tell...I was in a lot of pain in my hips/shoulders. By the time I stood up I knew my headache was better! THANK GOD!!

My mom came and stayed with us from Thurs-Tues. She came up while I was in the hospital, and stayed until Tuesday. The day after she went home my cousin came up to stay with us for a week, and then she came up and stayed 2 weeks with us. =)

My most recent issue has been the nodules on my legs. I ended up in the ER a few weeks ago for these bumps. The ER thought it was MRSA. They started me on antibiotics at the hospital. I saw my PCP the next day. He had a second opinion of what the nodules were. He did a skin punch biopsy and some bloodwork. He wanted me to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist had a 3rd opinion. I was given a steroid shot at the dermatologist office. It did nothing. I saw my PCP the next week. He gave me a 2nd (stronger) steroid shot, and again nothing! So now I am waiting to see a rheumatologist on April 23. My PCP thinks that I have a rheumatoid or autoimmune issue going on. My bloodwork also indicates I could have a rheumatoid issue. =/

My bloodwork also showed that I am malnourished. Which wasn't a huge surprise because I have been SICK SICK SICK for almost 4 months! So the recommendation was made to start me on TPN. I got my OB approval, nutritionist approval, and home health care pharmacist approval...I thought yay I am getting somewhere. HA the joke is on me! So far the TPN has made me soooooooooooooo sick! I lost even more weight! I was hardly able to get out of bed. It has been rough.

I am 25 weeks pregnant! The baby is getting quite active! A few days ago I felt her hiccuping! <3 Only 3 weeks until my last (VERY LAST EVER!!) trimester starts! Deep and I had already decided that 6 is enough for us! Then this pregnancy has been VERY VERY VERY rough on me. I can't go through this ever again. Even my OB said I shouldn't get pregnant again.

So in other VERY exciting news....we have our preapproval in hand for a mortgage!!! YAYYYYYYY!!! The house hunt has been much less exciting. The area where we live currently is the area we'd like to stay. There are hardly any houses for sale in this area. Once they are listed they sell in 3 days, and it is a sellers market in this area. NO negotiation on price at all. OY!

So now I'm just kinda hanging out waiting to see how things go on both my health & the house hunt!

Deep is super busy all the time...work, travel, school, handling new house purchase stuff, etc. He has his final for his class next week. We are hoping and praying that it goes smoothly for him! =) He had a great article posted in the Indiana Tech alumni publication. Here is the link to that publication: (go to view page or scroll to page 32)


He has a full page photo! The article is great! It is inspirational! What can I say I am one proud wife!! =) I am so truly blessed to have this amazing man in my life! =)

Kamdyn seems to be struggling with school a bit this year. She is in an awkward phase right now. She's growing so super fast we can't keep shoes to fit her, and I can't buy her clothes without her trying them on as she seems to have skipped sizes. Her teacher told me that she is kind of a needy kid who has a hard time with the independence of "pre-middle school" school. (they started changing classes for subjects this year, and they are required to be much more responsible for themselves (work, organization, supplies, etc.) Her teacher also told me that she is hopeful it will "click" for her one day soon, and when it "clicks" in this age group they seem to "soar!" I'm hopeful!

Diya is a superstar!! =) She just finished her 2nd round of gymnastics, and she is soooo super bored with it! It isn't fast paced enough for her. So we have decided to sign her up for competitive cheer/dance. She is so excited! In school she is doing well. She is one lazy kid when it comes to things we ask of her. She will try to get someone to "help" (i.e.do her homework for her) any chance she gets. Diya is a social butterfly. She knows/recognizes someone nearly everywhere we go.

Max is doing great! Aside from his occasional snarky behavior, he seems to be doing wonderful! He is going to play flag football this spring. He has his first practice 4/12/12. He loves kindergarten, and has a few friends that he talks about frequently. He had his first sleepover with one of his friends a few weeks ago. He had a great time! =)

Kohen is a busy little bee! He LOVES preschool! =) He has found a new interest...my iPad! He plays my ipad all day long...well until the battery dies. Then we plug it in so he can play it again asap! We have to take it with us everywhere we go. It is the only (calm) way we can get him to let us buckle him in his carseat. OY! He is learning a lot from it though...so it's ok in the end...I guess! =) Kohen LOVESSSS Thomas the Train! He loves watching train videos on YouTube, and let me tell you he can bring up youtube on his own & find the train videos! Kohen went to the dr. on 4/9/12. He weighed 29.6 lbs and was 36 1/2 inches tall! Kohen is growing! =)

Devas is starting to talk! He can repeat lots of sounds/words. He says "tank (long pause) dew" which means thank you. It's too cute! He is 18 months old now. Devas is super busy and always getting into some kind of mischief. Oy he keeps us busy! He can climb super fast! He always doing something goofy. He loves to play outside. He will push and shove to be the first out the door. Devas LOVES to give kisses. He even has a cute little "kissy face!" It's super cute. He will put his hands on your cheeks and turn your head his way so he can give kisses. He's such a lovey little guy! =)

So that is our update....hopefully soon we will have some exciting house news, and of course I would love to start feeling better. Time will tell. Please remember us in your prayers as we go through this crazy time in our life.

We have also (kind of) started a dog hunt. We promised Max a long time ago that once we have our own house we would get a dog. He really wants a big dog, and I am so in love with Goldendoodles. So we have been browsing looking for Goldendoodles. I can't wait to be in our house so we can fulfill his wish, and get the kids a dog! =)

Thanks for catching up on us! =)