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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog Dare Jan 26

YAY! I'm caught up! YAY!!

Today's blog prompt is.....An annoying myth or wives-tale.

Right now in my life it is that I should try crackers, ginger ale, broth, etc. for my "morning sickness." I wish that some of these helped me. They just don't though. =(

Blog Dare Jan 25

My Grandparent's house...

My Grandma's (maternal) house was always warm and cozy. Anyone was welcome at all times. It was full of love, patience, and baked goodies. My Gram loved to crochet & do crafty work. So she showed me lots of fun stuff. =) I am thankful to have both of my Grandmas here with me still! I love them! =)

Blog Dare Jan 24

I wasn't supposed to see...

Not really sure...my mind isn't very creative right now. I honestly can't even think of anything exciting for this.

Blog Dare Jan 23

A bit late...sorry!

The most vivid dream...

I remember 2...one when I was a kid. I was being chased all around a dept. store. The person chasing me caught me and I was thrashing & kicking the person. I kicked something hard and hurt my foot!

The 2nd was about a year ago. I dreamed my hubs was cheating on me. It was so vivid and hurt me so badly. =(

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 OB appts & an ultrasound!

Yesterday I met with a new OB. His office staff was ok. I had an ultrasound first. Baby Bubble-Guppy-Cupcake (BGC) is measuring a bit over a week ahead! YAY! This Dr. was referred through the HG website, but honestly they didn't seem to have a lot of knowledge on HG. I lost more weight. Surprise...I haven't kept any food down in days! We spoke about HG, picc, & meds. He told me sometimes HG leads to pancreatitis. OY! He said it would be best to get me off the picc....OK. We spoke about general pregnancy/delivery for a bit. He doesn't deliver at the hospital I would like to deliver at. So I'm not sure about him.

Today I had an appt at my old OB. I lost 4 lbs in 6 days. The dr & nurse weren't overly happy. I was warned that if I keep loosing I will be getting a central line to get more nutrients delivered to myself & BGC. He is changing my meds around a bit...which means adding more Zofran. The Dr. found BGC's heartbeat right away with doppler.

So I have appts. to go back to both Drs. in 2 weeks. Let's see how the next 2 weeks go....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

OB appt & NT ultrasound

Yesterday I had an OB appt so that we could get my IV meds ordered again. I gained 1/2 a lb, and my Dr. made a huge deal about it! I think it's just from IV fluid, but what do I know?!? My urine was negative, and my BP was 100/60. The dr. tried to hear the baby's heart via doppler. He found the hb right away last week, but this week he couldn't find it. I was a bit worried, but knew I had an ultrasound in the afternoon. I told the dr. how bad I was feeling since all my meds were taken away. So the Dr. ordered 3 liters of lactated ringers (LR), first one with phenergan, 2nd with multivitamins & zofran, & the 3rd with phenergan. Today is my first day to try this regimen. I have thrown up twice today. So we shall see where this goes....

Yesterday I had the NT scan/ultrasound done. The baby was wiggling around. S/he measured 77 mm from crown to rump. S/he measured 14 weeks...almost a full week ahead. The measurement for the NT was 1.9...so a healthy measurement. The baby's hear rate was 156. The ultrasound tech said everything looked good! =) We will get results in about a week.

Blog Dare 22

Snow days...

I wish! HAHA Here in Michigan they hardly ever cancel school for snow days. I think it was closed 1 day in 09-10 school years and 2 or 3 days in 10-11 school year. So far none this year.

I would love to have a huge snow. I hate the ground being all soggy and muddy! I also wouldn't mind the kids being home for a snow day every now and again.

I wish we would have had snow for Christmas!

Blog Dare 21

An impactful book in my life.

My answer to this prompt is super easy! It is Ina May's Guide to Childbirth! I absolutely adore Ina May!

Also the lady that trained me to be a Birth Doula...she has a book called The Doula Business Guide; Creating a Successful MotherBaby Business by Patty Brennan. You can find out more info about Patty HERE. She offers some amazing classes in the Ann Arbor area.

I learned a lot about childbirth from Ina May's book...this having given birth 5 times myself. I plan to make Baby Bubble-Guppy-Cupcake's birth much different. I'd love a homebirth, but we will see where we are when I am due.

Blog Dare 20

Something mischievous I did as a child...

Yikes, I'm not sure about this. I can't think of anything off hand that I did. I'll think about it, and I'll get back to you!

Blog Dare 19

The last time I laughed so hard, I cried.

Deep and I just had a good laugh a few days ago. I forget why though. When we are visiting family in Ohio we always laugh so hard our belly hurts while playing board games! Also when I read Damn You Autocorrect I laugh soooooooo hard I cry. =)

Blog Dare # 18

Something at home/work that serves no purpose.

{Probably shouldn't be your boss or spouse ;-) }

Currently it's the remote controls in our house. Why the remotes you ask?!? Because We can't find ANY of the THREE we have. So that makes them currently useless. Ehhh hopefully we will find them soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kids' lunches...

I am working on making healthier lunches for my kids to take to school. I've found the most amazing blogs through Pinterest. One amazing blog has the most amazing ideas! Check her blog out HERE I just made 15 smoothies.

In my first batch I used some frozen strawberries, blueberries, banana, protein powder, & greek yogurt. In my 2nd batch I used strawberries, blueberries, peaches, cran-grape juice, protein powder, and greek yogurt. In my 3rd batch I used strawberries, peaches, blueberries, banana, protein powder, greek yogurt, and orange juice.

I also bought bento-type lunch boxes. So we will be getting a little more healthy...err creative with the kids lunches! =)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog Dare 17

"The first time I saw..."

The first time I saw Kamdyn on ultrasound was absolutely amazing!

I had found out I was pregnant about 6 weeks earlier. I had an early ultrasound and nothing was seen. (this happened with 2 previous pregnancies. I went on to miscarry both times.) The Dr. office ordered blood hcg tests. Both tests decreased in number. I was told I would miscarry this pregnancy also.

I went on with life the best I could. I blocked out everything about pregnancy/babies, etc out of my mind. I was done.

The first week of December I got VERY sick. By the weekend I was so extremely ill that I couldn't keep water down. I went to the ER. They asked if I could be pregnant. I told them no...I had just had a miscarriage. They did a blood test and my hcg was 36,000! I went for an ultrasound. I was 10.5 weeks pregnant!!!! WOAH. It was amazing to see the little baby on the screen. She was wiggling around. AMAZING!! I got an ultrasound picture. I laid it on my belly. Deep had ran home just before the ultrasound...not knowing that I was pregnant! When he returned he asked what was on my belly. I told him the first picture of our baby. We both got tears in our eyes. It was an amazing moment! =)

Blog Dare 16

"I convinced my children to.."

Today I convinced my children to CLEAN THEIR ROOMS!!!! YAY! I had been trying to get them to clean their rooms for a few days. Thankfully they listened!

Tonight Kamdyn has a performance at a local high school for MLK Jr. Day. Her school choir is singing. She is very excited! =) So I wanted their rooms clean & homework done before we had to be there. The girls also took showers...without any help! YAY. Small little victories! =)

frusturated again!

I had my PICC line placed on Friday. This was a big relief! Almost seen as a miracle in my eyes! So getting IV fluids is much easier now! *whew* So I will count this as 2 steps forward....

Now I only took 1 step back this time...because I think I can find a way to deal with this issue. My OB has decided that I am ONLY to get fluids...no meds or vitamins in my IV. I spoke with the nurse at his office, and she told me that he insisted that I since I said they didn't help me why would he waste his time prescribing the meds/vitamins. Sad thing is I told him in his office last Monday that I not only NEED the phenergan, but that when zofran is added to phenergan I feel so much better!!! When I have the mutlivitamin in my IV I feel better longer after the IV is done. So where is he getting that the meds don't help me?!?

The OB's nurse told me that I am going to have to come in and talk to the Dr. myself because she feels like she is playing quarterback between the Dr. & I and she isn't qualified to play QB. UGH. So I was transferred to the receptionist to schedule an appt. They only had 1 appt available this entire week. It was at a time I couldn't go in. So I asked if I can just speak with the Dr. on the phone. The receptionist told me that he is so backed up with stuff that she doubted he would have a chance to call me. I hung up the phone, and burst into tears...UGH.

I have decided that I've had enough with this dr! I can't take this anymore. I'm sick...I'm loosing weight....I feel like crud all the time...I can hardly keep anything down. What about this don't they understand??

So I made an appt with a new OB in the area that was listed on the reference area of www.helpher.org The nurse I spoke with on the phone said they deal with HG often. So that is hopeful for me! I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that this new Dr. takes me serious!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog Dare 15

Why I don't like a certain cartoon character.

OY...not quite sure on this one. I think Caillou is very annoying, but my kids LOVE the show. I can't really think of 1 character that makes me crazy. I think watching too much of one show is annoying though. Small doses is the answer to that! =)

Blog Dare 14

I can't believe my kids like...

{This could be a food, beverage, toy, show, music...}

Food- McDonalds chicken nuggets or a cheeseburger and fries. Kamdyn loves taco casserole.

Beverage- all of them prefer sprite except Kamdyn. She prefers root beer

Toy- ehhh I'm not really sure on this.

Show- Girls like Nick & Disney shows. Max is in between ages..so depending on which other kids he's around he will watch whatever they watch. The little boys prefer Nick Jr. or Sprout.

Music- littles like kids music (Wiggles, nursery rhymes, etc), bigger kids like hip hop/dance music.

Color- Kamdyn's favorite color is yellow. Diya's favorite color is green. Max's favorite color is blue.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small Victory!

Yesterday I had my PICC line places. It was a battle to get either a PICC or midline. Finally my home health care & OB office worked together, and I got the PICC! YAY! Thankfully it was a fairly easy process. The nurse that put it in was super super nice! The catheter wanted to go the wrong way a couple of times so she kept repositioning me, and after working for a bit she got it in the right place! I am so relieved to have it! I have been able to start my IV hydration w/ meds & multivitamins quite easily.

So for now I'm getting 3 liters of fluid each day...phenergan in the bags & vitamins 1 time a day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

OFFICIAL Announcement!

Yes, I am pregnant! I am due July 23. Yes this is baby #6. Yes we are happy! This munchkin was a BIG HUGE surprise, but we are just thrilled!

Here is our little "Bubble-Guppy-Cupcake!"

I am 12 weeks & 4 days along. I was nauseated before I even got a + test. At 8 weeks I went downhill quickly. I have lost 5-6 % of my body weight. I am very nauseated all the time. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. I have been getting IV hydration at home. Today I go to get a PICC line placed. I'm hoping this will help, and I will start feeling better.

Anyway, this is our big news! I have an ultrasound on Jan 18 for the NT. I will NOT be having the penta screen...which gave me a false positive for trisomy 18 with Devas's pregnancy. Then around mid/late Feb I will have an ultrasound to determine gender.

By the way...we know what causes babies, and no we don't care to hear your opinion of OUR LIFE! =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diya's & Kamdyn's appts today

Diya spiked a fever of 102 last night. So she stayed home from school today. I took her to see her pediatrician. Her BP was 117/68. Her temp was normal. Her lungs were good. Her lymph nodes were swollen...especially the ones by her ears. She had a lot of fluid in her left ear. Her right ear was ok. So she was working on getting an ear infection. BLAH! She was put on zithromax.

After her appt we went to Meijer to do some gluten free shopping. I spent $100 on gluten free stuff. It's super expensive! I got her stuff to make cupcakes & brownies. She is excited about that!

Kamdyn had her first orthodontist appt today. She got measurements, photos, and xrays today. We will go back in 3 weeks then back a few days later...then she will get her braces. She was very nervous today. The orthodontist's office is fun! It's very upbeat. They even have an ice cream machine for the kids! Kamdyn enjoyed the ice cream after her appt.

We had a busy day!

HG treatment update

I spoke with the pharmacist who preps my IV hydration & meds. He found out there is a nurse through the agency I'm using that does midlines!!! YAY! Today I called my OB's office and asked them to send over the orders so I can have the midline placed. They are going to coordinate with the agency to get it figured out!

Yesterday evening my IV blew so I called my nurse because I had only had 1 bag of fluids, and I needed the IV replaced so I could get the remaining liters. A different nurse came out...ironically it was the nurse trained to do the midlines!!! I talked to her about the midline. She told me could have placed the midline yesterday if she had an order from the dr. UGH!

Anyway hopefully by the end of the week we will have something figured out. Otherwise, I am going to be getting peripheral IVs every other day for at least the next few weeks. OY!

Blog Dare #13

Again a little early.

"My child's creepiest toy."

I think that my girls' dolls that urinate & poo are creepy! Also those motion activated baby toys that start singing or playing music in the middle of the night REALLY creep me out!

Blog Dare #12

I am going to do tomorrow's & Friday's because I have a lot going on. So while I have a moment I will write...

Thursday's blog prompt is "A vacation I hope to take this year."`

Purely speaking hypothetically, I'd love to take a huge Disney World vacation & swim with dolphins/manatees, go back to NYC, go on a cruise, or go to an All-Inclusive resort. Dreamin' big! LOL Actually since I'm pregnant & have HG I doubt I will be leaving town anytime soon. =(

Blog Dare #11

Today's blog prompt is "If my parents had ever found out..."

Sheesh I don't know what to write about. Not that I was an angel, but I never did anything that bad! On to tomorrow...

Blog Dare # 10

Getting caught up...

Tuesday's blog prompt is "A favorite retro toy."

Truthfully I don't remember much about the toys I played with except my baby dolls. I had quite a few Cabbage Patch Kids. Lets see if can recall their names...

Christine Elise
Gerta Tay
Dean Bromwell
Alberta Fay

I had a few more, but I forget their names.

I loved my CPKs! =)

I also remember Teddy Ruxpin & Kid Sister doll. I cut off Kid Sister's hair! Anyone remember the "My Buddy & Kid Sister" song they had on the commercial. I loved that song.

Blog Dare #9

Again I'm running behind. I've had a crazy busy couple of days. So I'm going to catch up now...

Monday's blog prompt is "I never thought I'd find this in my child's room...

Definitely the mess in my girls' room! Kitchen utensils are always finding a way to Max's room. I will never understand why, but they do.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

beyond frusturated

My home health nurse was just here. I told her about the midline that I was supposed to get Friday if I am hydrated enough. She asked if my OB's office was scheduling it or if their office was. I called my OB's office, and my hhc spoke with the OB nurse. Then my hhc nurse called her office. She told me that the midline idea was a no-go because her office suggested it but they have no one certified to place the midline. UGH! My OB's nurse was not so friendly with me so I hate to call her back to figure this out. =(

Kamdyn is getting braces!!

We go tomorrow for fittings, molds, etc. Then we will go back 3 weeks later for a final appt to go over everything. Then a week later she will have her braces put on! So in a month Kamdyn will have braces!

Today Kamdyn & Diya go to the dentist. Diya goes to finish a filling, and Kamdyn goes to have a baby tooth pulled. The baby tooth is in the way of the big tooth coming in so it will make her teeth straightening out much easier!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Diya's test results...

I got Diya's test results back today. She tested positive for Celiac Disease. She has to go completely wheat/gluten free, and this is a life long disease according to her pediatrician.

I will update with the rest of her results when I have the paper in front of me. For now I can say that she tested + to celiacs, and she tested + allergic to a few foods.

Right now wheat is our biggest challenge.

Keli's Dr. appt.

I had my OB appt today. I lost another 5 lbs since the end of Dec. My BP was 116/78. My dr. came in my room, and we talked about how I am feeling. I told him that I can't keep going on IV hydration 2 days a week. I need it every day! He agreed that would be best, and suggested a more permanent IV (PIC line) so I can administer my own fluids/meds at home. He also wanted to up the amount of fluids, meds, and vitamins I get each day! I was elated! Finally I can avoid those way too frequent ER trips I've been making! I had some blood drawn...electrolytes & uric acid tests. Then I went to "check out"...you know where you make future appts, finalize this appt. That is when I was informed that Pic lines are no longer done because of the rate of infection. It it not protocol. The nurse also told me that she doesn't know if my insurance will even cover me getting IV hydration every day. I stood there and started crying. I'm in such a desperate place right now. I was informed that the nurses/home health care will figure this out by this afternoon. They will call me to let me know what is going on. I am so frustrated. I sure hope they do get this figured out. Thankfully my home health agency are super great & fast at getting back to me! UGH I'm just tired! I'm sick and tired! I feel awful, and I can't keep going like this. UGH UGH UGH!

We listened to the baby's heart tones. He found the heart tones right away...the minute he put the doppler on my tummy. The dr. said that the baby is doing great through all this which is definitely a relief! Glad my body is taking care of the little one! =)


I spoke with my home health care folks, and they spoke with my Dr. office. Then a nurse from my OB's office called me. Basically here is what was decided...I will be getting an IV line tomorrow. I will get 3 liters of fluids, meds, & vitamins tomorrow & Thursday. Then Friday they will check me to see if I am hydrated enough to get a midline catheter placed. If so then I will get fluids every day for as long as I need them.

The Dr. said this nausea typically goes away at about 17 weeks. He asked if it went away with my previous pregnancies. It did with all except for Diya's pregnancy. I guess time will tell...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blog Dare #8

Today's blog prompt is

Too much television...

We watch our fair share of TV. My hubby & I enjoy our nightly dose of DVR'd shows. My little kids enjoy Nick Jr. & Sprout. My older kids enjoy Disney and the health channels.

I have little energy today...from being so sick. So today I am laying in bed watching movies. =) Another total lazy day for me!

I have a dr. appt tomorrow. I am hopeful to get some thing taken care of tomorrow so hopefully I can start to feel better soon! I will be 12 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Only 1 more week in the first trimester! We can find out if our little one is a boy or girl in 6 weeks!!!! YAY!

Bloggy Dare #7

Something you need daily - coffee?

So this is yesterday's blog prompt. I missed yesterday because I was so very ill. I spent the greater part of the evening in the ER getting 4 1/2 liters of IV fluid & 2 medications to help resolve the horrible nausea. Thankfully my electrolytes tested OK. I hadn't kept food or drink down in about 48 hours. I felt awful!

Thankfully after the fluids I felt well enough to eat (something I was MAJORLY craving!) a piece of Papa Romano's pizza & a bread stick. Unfortunately it came back up, but a whole glass of cold Sprite stayed down!!! YAY!

So back to my blog prompt...something I need daily. Recently it is IV fluids. When not pregnant and suffering with HG I need caffeine...preferably in the form of Diet Coke!

Friday, January 6, 2012

My special place...

So today's blog prompt is....My "special" place. {Where do you go for quiet/alone or regrouping time}

Right now with my sickness I have been spending a lot of time in my bedroom. When I am not sick I like to sit on my back porch/deck. I usually sit out on the deck when I am on the phone. It makes having a conversation with someone much easier.


I HATE BEING SICK! Just needed to let that out! Since being diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum a couple of weeks ago my life has gone out of control! I have not kept ANY food and maybe 12 ounces of fluids down. I've been to the ER 2 times. The first time my OB sent me from his office. The 2nd time I passed out and was rushed to the ER. Yesterday I had a nurse come to my home and start an IV on me. As of now I get IV hydration w/ phenergan & multivitamins 2 times a week. I see my Dr. on Monday. I am really struggling. Deep spend most of the week working from home. I spend most of my time in bed.

For a few hours after I had my first IV treatment I felt like a new person. I still could not keep food down, but I felt OK. I did a load of laundry and *insert drum roll here* even took a shower!! Then I crashed...hit a wall...felt awful again. So back to bed I headed. It's encouraging on one hand and equally as discouraging. To think that I will have to wait until next Tues. when I get my IV to feel half human again...REALLY SUCKS!

I have been fantasizing about eating a HUGE meal. I make myself so hungry. I think I am romanticizing how amazing it would be to eat a yummy meal and keep it down!!

I will update after my appt. on Monday.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something lost

Todays blog prompt is..."Something lost."

This makes me think of that funny/saying: Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most! So yes my mind is my something lost. I have what my kids' pediatrician calls "placenta brain." I forget everything. Sometimes I can't even carry on a conversation.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I shouldn't have bought this past Holiday Season

The blogging prompt for today is "What I shouldn't have bought this Holiday Season."

Honestly, today I regret buying my kids any toys at all!! Why you ask...because they have so much stuff already. I have a constant mess in my house. We spent a couple of hours cleaning out the kids rooms and reorganizing. Every year in Jan. I say I wish I wouldn't have bought the kids so much....and then come Dec. I over do it again! I think I should add to my list of goals for 2012 NO EXCESSIVE GIFT GIVING! =)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Bucket List

Today bloggymoms.com's blog prompt is: My Bucket list! So here it goes...

I have actually put some thought into this as I just made my bucket list board on Pinterest.

Here is my list:

1. Make a change in the world. I want to make the world better somehow!
2. Swim with the manatees.
3. Visit Paris.
4. Visit England & ride the London Eye.
5. Visit NYC for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
6. Have 6 kids.
7. Have grandkids!
8. Get a tattoo.
9. See the Northern Lights.
11. Rode in a Hot Air Balloon.
12. Swim with a sea turtle.
13. Swim with a dolphin.
14. Visit the Vatican.
15. See the Pope.
16. Finish a HUGE challenge.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A look back to 2011

2011 was a much better year than 2010! I can say that with pure confidence!

Jan 2011:

My dad was about 3 months post surgery. Devas turned 4 months old. We were helping plan my Dad's benefit. The girls did a Poms clinic & performed during a WLC basketball game.

Feb 2011:

My dad's benefit was snowed out and rescheduled for the next day. We had a great turn out, and we were very thankful to the Crestline schools, and city of Crestline for all they did! Deep & Kamdyn went to the Father/Daughter Dance at OPE and then they went to a movie. The kids had a fun Valentine's Day party at their schools!

March 2011:

St. Patrick's day was fun for the kids. We did kid photos that day. Kohen turned 2 on March 19. Deep & my Mom celebrated their birthday's on March 22 & March 23 respectively. We also got to see the Supermoon this month!

April 2011:

Our family went to Niagara Falls- Canada & US! We also spent a few days around Buffalo, NY & Rochester, NY. We had a great trip! Diya turned 7 on April 22. We celebrated her birthday & Easter in Ohio with my family.

May 2011:

My dad celebrated a big birthday on May 5. You see his cancer was so aggressive that had he of had no treatment he may not have survived to his birthday! We were so thankful to celebrate this birthday with him! We spent Mother's Day in Ohio with my family. We went to The Henry Ford Museum for Memorial Day. They have a Civil War demonstration. My family & my dad really enjoyed it! Kohen saw a specialist for his trigger thumb. He was put in a cast for a couple of weeks.

June 2011:

Kamdyn went away to weekend camp with her Girl Scouts troop. She got to do so many exciting things there! She really enjoyed archery & zip lining. While Kamdyn was at camp Deep & I took the kids to Windsor to meet up with Sunny. We spent the day I won free tickets to a Glee concert. Missi came and watched the kids so Deep & I could go. It was AWESOME!!! The next day was the kids last day of school. We met them at the bus stop with water balloons to bomb them. It was very exciting! Max graduated preschool from Premiere Preschool. (VERY proud Momma Moment!!!) My parents came up and spent a week with us at the end of June. We did lots of fun things with them here! We went to see the Emancipation Proclamation at Then Henry Ford Museum. At the end of June I did my birth doula training. Our well went out in our house. So we had to relocate for a week while that could be fixed. So we spent the last few days of June & first few days of July in Ohio.

July 2011:

We went to Ohio for my Gram's 81 birthday & Kamdyn's 9th birthday. Deep's dad came to visit. We went to Belle Isle & Downtown Detroit. We ate at an OLD coney restaurant in the D. We walked around the Renaissance Center. Kohen had his surgery at Detroit Children's Hospital to fix his left trigger thumb. Connie & Rick along with Makenzie, Maddy, & Maylene came to visit us. We went to the Henry Ford Museum with them. At the end of the month Missi & Andy came to visit. I had my first birth towards my doula certification. It was an amazing experience! I love being a birth doula! My girls started cheer practice for the Commerce Chargers.

August 2011:

The girls practiced for the Chargers the whole month of August. They had their first game. They both loved cheering! I attended my 2nd birth toward my doula certification. Max turned 5 on August 31.

September 2011:

I had my first big photo shoot. It was an engagement shoot for my cousin & her fiance. The kids started school...Kamdyn started 4th grade. Diya started 2nd grade. Max started kindergarten, and Kohen started preschool. Devas started walking, got his 1st haircut, and turned 1!!! Big month for Devas The girls cheered with the Chargers for a WLC Friday night football game. Kamdyn had practice every day for the Chargers, and Diya practiced 2 times a week. They had games every Sat. or Sun. Max, Kamdyn, & Diya started Religious Education.

October 2011:

We had Devas's 1st birthday party on Oct. 1. I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts, and I had surgery on Oct. 6. My girls had Cheerfest (Cheer competition - click here to view videos of their performances.)on Oct. 21. At the end of the month Deep had a Corvette GS for the weekend. It was a date night weekend. We went to a college friend's wedding. For Halloween Kamdyn was a vampire-ess, Diya was a witch, Max was Iron Man, Kohen insisted he be a pirate, and Devas was a pumpkin. The kids got an enormous amount of candy while Trick-or-Treating. On October 20, my dad is 1 year out of surgery. He is STILL CANCER FREE!!! PRAISE GOD!!

November 2011:

I celebrated a birthday on Nov. 23. We spent Thanksgiving in Ohio with my family. We had the kids parent/teacher conferences. Click here to read about their conferences. The girls got their hair cut off! Kamdyn had 12 inches of hair cut off to donate to Locks of Love. Diya had quite a bit cut off also. See photos here. We were very surprised to find out that we are expecting baby #6 in Summer 2012. We did the kids' Christmas photos. Deep became the recording secretary for Knights of Columbus.

December 2011:

December was a very long month. I've been very sick with hyperemesis gravidarum. I have spent lots of time at my dr. office, and even been to the hospital to get fluids due to dehydration. Deep and the kids had half the month off from work & school for the holidays. It has been nice having them home. Kamdyn had her first reconciliation at church. Christmas eve we spent in Ohio with my family. Christmas morning the kids got up early and opened presents from Santa. My parents came to visit a little later. They brought Christmas dinner with them. New Years Eve we spent at home..we had a few sick kids. I have no photos from December. =( I blame feeling cruddy!

2011 was a good year. We are thankful to God for this! I hopeful that 2012 will be even better!

BloggyMoms.com Blog Dare

I enjoyed doing the 30 days of Thanks so much that I decided to take this on this year. I will try to write every day going with the blogging prompts. I am so excited for 2012! I am determined that this WILL BE a good year! =)

To find out more about bloggy moms, visit here.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Social Media Goals for 2012

I guess I haven't thought much about this lately. I have thought a couple of times about starting a facebook fan page for my doula business & my aspiring photography business. I have not made the fan page because I am not sure of a name that I want to name my business. I have thought of a few name choices, but they just aren't THE NAME!

These things have taken a backseat currently. I will get back to them toward the end of this year.

To find out more about the blog challenge visit www.bloggymoms.com